Dodo ry also operates in Oulu and new ideas and people are welcome!

For more information on Oulu’s operations: Harri Kononen,

The Kaupunkiviljely group has an urban edible garden at Dammisaare Rapumaja, among other things, and organises cultivation-related talks and other events. The group discusses and tries out the possibilities of growing food in the city, both beginners and veterans are welcome to participate in the activities!

Oulu event picture with two people making food outside

Dammisaare Rapumaja is a venue open to all city residents, coordinated by Dodo Oulu. There is also a Dodo urban edible garden. The aim is to emphasise environmental friendliness and community in the activities and events at Rapumaja, and that the activities are open to everyone and free of charge. The aim is to bring different people together to create, for example, low-threshold events, crafting, art and various gardening and food related experiments.
Contact: rapumaja(at)dodo.org

The Craftivismi group meets in Oulu to discuss and work on handicrafts and handicrafts. Craftivism means craft activism. The aim of the activity is to learn different hand skills and more sustainable consumption together. The group monitors and maintains a discussion on social media about the environmental impact of the textile industry and the entire life cycle of textiles. The group organises various workshops, e.g. bicycle maintenance, clothing repair and the manufacture of home durable textiles.

The Vertaistuotanto group is considering community ways to make information accessible to all and is implementing various projects in line with this idea.

The Kaupunkisuunnittelu group has produced, among other things, Suistovisio (Estuary Vision). The group is currently looking for a new coordinator.

Follow Dodo Oulu’s activities in Dodo Oulu’s Facebook group and Rapumaja’s Instagram @rapumaja.