Dreamtravels to a Carbon Neutral Future

This video is an intro. Watch all the videos.

(Subtitles in English.)

One needs to dream about carbon neutral future in order to make it happen. No change is possible if it cannot be seen in one’s mind at first – this applies to both personal and societal change.

The Dreamtravels to a Carbon Neutral Future project tells about the dreams of a wide variety of people, primarily through videos but also through short texts. These will be published in late 2020 and early 2021 in Dodo’s social media channels – please share!

Do you want to take your group to Dreamtravel? The consept works well also online.

Dodo has published also learning material that the Association of Biology and Geography Teachers created (in Finnish).

Ruohonjuuri fund supports the project and different NGOs are invited to cooperate.

More info: Elisa Niemi, , tel. +358 40 7233 868

Make your own dreamtravel

Take part in a Dreamtravel by listening to a guiding audio! It is relaxing and inspiring. You can do it with your friend or alone.

After listening you can tell about your dreams on a video and send the video to the project.

It is good to do the listening is a nice place where you can relax.

It’s good to shoot the video immediately after listening to the audio. Great if you can shoot it outside in the nature or by the sea. A very good platform for dreaming is a blanket in a nice place where you can also shoot the video.

After listening to the audio you can open the post card form whose questions help you in making the video. Shoot the video landscape (not portrait). You can interview your friend.

The post card form can also be used so that you send your dreams as texts – with your name or anonymously.

Have a good trip! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Yours, Dreaming team