Climate mingle and mentor

Do you want to do climate work in your career? There is a great potential for significant climate work in many fields, but more expertise is needed. There are a lot of questions that cannot be answered even with the help of education – there is a need for an exchange of views between different fields, educational backgrounds and even generations.

The changes compared to the old ways of working are so great that a whole new kind of thinking is needed. Some information on how to build a low-carbon future is only available through networks.

In 2021, Dodo will host mingle events with top speakers and great networking opportunities. The speeches will be in Finnish but instructions can be given also in English.

In mentoring, two people who are interested in the same issues, get to delve deep in discussions for example, over the phone.

We invite various climate experts as mentors. You can be mentored already during your study years or, for example, when looking for a new career. In the mentoring sessions both should learn from each other. We recommend that there will be at least three discussions between the mentor and the mentee. Meetings should, of course, be enjoyable for both, and in mingle events you can get in touch with mentors even before you start the actual mentor discussions.

Many interesting mentors are visible the Finnish but most of them are willing to mentor also in English. Please fill in the application below.

We are looking for mentors!

Do you have climate expertise in your field? Do you want to share your views with a career starter and developer? Discussions with people from different backgrounds can be very inspiring, and you can hear views from new training programs, for example. Mentors volunteer in the program, but you can ask your employer if you can mentor during your work hours. We are currently exploring additional funding opportunities for the operation.
Register and / or give a tip who should be invited!

Do you want a mentor?

Which questions would you like answered? Tell us about your wishes now and you can make a difference. The program may be subject to a fee for mentees – we are happy to receive opinions on this as well. Showing your interest, i.e. through the preliminary application, does not bind you to anything!

Come along to plan the mingle & mentor programme!

At Dodo, activities are always planned together with those who are interested in them. Follow Dodo’s communication channels and join the planning meeting!

The project is supported by Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation.