Pasilan Vanhat veturitallit
Veturitallinkuja, G-rappu

  • Dodo’s office is in the same yard as Dodo’s urban gardening centre Turntable – see map.
  • From Pasila railway station about 600 m, see video guide.

Postal address

(Do not send invoices to this address, see Billing below)
Dodo ry
Aleksis Kiven katu 88 G
00520 Helsinki


The recommended way to send invoices to Dodo is online invoicing:
Dodo e-invoicing address: 003711081520
OVT ID: 003711081520
Operator: Apix Messaging Oy (003723327487)

Billing address for pdf invoices (one .pdf attachment/message):
003711081520 [at]

Billing address for paper invoices:
Dodo ry (Apix Skannauspalvelu)
PL 16112

Please put the project/event name or name of the contact person as a reference on the invoice!


Bank account: Nordea FI08 1555 3000 1017 59
Business ID: 1108152-0
Register number: 168.856

Registery statement

Fundraising permit: RA/2020/1705, issued by the Police on the 31st of December 2020, valid from 04th of January 2021 in the entire territory of Finland, excluding Åland

Dodo’s employees

Dodo is very much based on volunteer work. Employees work on some areas.

Malm Nordlund

  • Head of Organisational Development
  • Urban farming
  • malm.nordlund(at)
  • tel. +358 44 320 8867

Jonne Nurmela

  • Project manager
  • Food and activism -project
  • tel. +358 41 319 0420

Sanni Siukola-Ndure

  • Project manager
  • Development cooperation project in Gambia 2021–2022, and the new project 2023–2026
  • tel. +358 44 9769 060
  • The communication coordinator of the project is Marjukka Mäkinen

Dodo Oulu, Contact

Harri Kononen

  • Producer, Rapumaja
  • Contact person of Dodo Oulu
  • rapumaja(at)

Dodo’s interns

Dodo often has interns. Applications welcome! info(at)
Ps. At the moment we cannot offer paid internships, if you are able to get support for your internship somewhere, the situation is different.

Dodo’s board 2024

Kirmo Kivelä

Petri Kangassalo
Vice chair

Claudia Broder

Irina Seppänen
Board member, cashier
Questions regarding billing: laskut at

Nea Eränpalo
Board member

Lasse Tarkiainen
vice board member

Suvi Laukkanen
vice board member

Milo Keinänen
vice board member

Dodo’s logo

Reimbursement of expenses

Reimbursements are applied for using the electronic form, to which you can request a link from the treasurer by sending an email to


Send the bills (in the PDF format) to