Be part of our public events this year!

We’re looking for volunteers to our operations and especially our events. Our urban gardening centre Turntable is a popular event venue. Our events usually are filled with live or DJ music, climate-themed workshops and other program! Our bigger public events are mainly arranged during the summer, but there are smaller events all year round.

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We have a lot of different volunteers roles suitable for everyone’s timetable. Most of the tasks will be made in teams or in pairs do you don’t need to work alone. We schedule the shift that way that everyone has also time to enjoy the event and program. Please sign up soon so that we know you can participate. 

As an event dodo volunteer you have possibility to…
* Get to know the organization very quickly
* Support our urban environment organization
* Explore Dodo’s approach to urban culture and event production
* Get to know other brilliant people, in other words – dodos!
* If preferred, you can get a voluteer work certificate when participating two events as a volunteer and make at least 8 hours of voluteer work.
* You don’t need earlier experience of the tasks. We’ll teach you everything you need to know

Introduction of the roles

* Area team (setting up+taking down the tents, platforms etc. )
This team will take care of the event facilities by setting up the shed, building up the music stage and other area. This team will do their shifts day before the event/ morning of the event / + usually 1 day after the event. Volunteering will be done in teams! It’s OK, if you cannot participate every day – write your timetable wishes while signing up.

* Food team (preparing food, taking care of the café)
Event’s food team is preparing food with Dodo’s masterchefs and creating imaginative menu mainly from harvest and waste food. Team will volunteer for couple of hours two days and day before the happening + the event day from morning till late night. But everybody will attend the team depending on their schedule (minimum 4-5 hours). We don’t expect you to be in the kitchen all the time! Please let us know your preferred schedules. This team is always working together so you don’t need to volunteer alone. Kitchen staff will also help out at the event cáfe.

* Waste food team
Help us to reduce the waste food and sign up to our waste food team! We organize waste food dinners every other Tuesday where we cook together and hear interesting lectures afterwards. The food is picked up in Pasila close to our office and kitchen at the old railyard. Helpers can also have small part of the ingredients to take home. In case of interest, please post directly to the event series here.

* Decoration team
This team is designing decorations out of recycled material, painting signs and helping to set up the area. Decorations are made before the event but the team is also helping at hanging up the beautiful decos on the event day and taking them down after.

* Sound and (light) technician
We will especially need a sound technician to set up the tech set, soundcheck and mix audio during the music and other program. This volunteer shift will take place on the event day, starting a couple of hours before event, and ending around 1 hour after it, given that many people will help to pack the gear inside as we usually do.

* Driver
Driver will be needed everytime we need help transporting things from one place to another. Shifts are before and/or during the event + after the event if needed. We’ll do the shifts depending on your schedule, it’s also OK, if you can participate only on event day.

* Runner!
Runners are people who are helping with basically everything that needs to be done in a short notice. Usually there’s nothing to do and runners can enjoy the program. But if someone needs a bag of potatoes from the supermarket, bins are completely full or the toilet paper is gone – runner will act and keeps the event running as well!

* Marketing and social media team
SoMe team is posting interesting content to Dodo’s social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). Team will work during the event, and if you are eager to help out beforehand, we have a lot of things to do! 🙂 If you have experience of recording live video – please inform us! We’d love to film some material from the events to our Vimeo too, especially unique skillsharing lectures or workshops.

* Photographer
Photographers will work very independently and they capture the most interesting moments of the event. After the event photographer will download the materia to the Dodo Flickr account. Photographers can get photos to Dodo’s exhibition and/or publication “25 years of Dodo” in 2020.

* Info & cáfe team
These volunteers are the heart of the event! They can answer visitor’s questions about the program and area. Info team will also take care of the cáfe and sells our beautiful food made in our own kitchen.

* MC!
MC will make every visitor feel welcome and works as the “face of the event”. This job requires some previous knowledge of the Dodo organization and the event program. MC should speak both in Finnish and English.

* Production assistant / backstage assistant
Production assistant is the right hand of the volunteer coordinator and the event producer. We hope that the assistant could participate for the whole event even though there’s not work for every moment.  Same person volunteers also as a backstage assistant and makes sure all the artists and program makers are doing great.

* Extra job: Child care
If someone is interested in child care, some volunteers could organize something fun for the little ones as well.