Urban gardening and food

Dodo facilitates conversations about the future of food production in our events, as well as practical gardening and cooking.

Urban Farming

Dodo has its own urban gardening places at Turntable in Pasila, Helsinki and at Rapumaja on in Oulu. In Tampere we cooperate in the Floating garden of Hiedanranta and in Kaukajärvi. In Turku we are starting a garden project with the Dome churchs terrace. We also organize urban gardening courses. Dodo has strongly influenced the landing of the urban farming trend in Finland, and now we are working on spreading the inspiration to increasingly ecological and accessible urban gardening.


Turntable (Kääntöpöytä) is Dodo’s urban garden and laboratory in Helsinki, Pasila. There is also a greenhouse and event space and an open urban space in the historical railway milieu. See also kaantopoyta.fi. Turntable is run mainly through volunteer efforts. You can participate, for example, through communal gardening sessions. Welcome!

Kirmo Kivelä | 

Berry Guerilla

Berry Guerilla is a guerrilla cultivation group and network that focuses on growing berries and other crops on a co-harvesting basis in an urban space. The largest project is currently located in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki. The group has its own channels: Instagram and Facebook.

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Urban Dinner

Waste food dinners in Helsinki at Dodo’s kitchen every other Tuesday. In 2021, we start also in Oulu, Tampere and Turku. We will be actively looking for kitchens, chefs and those interested! As raw materials we have food that is threatened to get wasted. The harvest of urban farming is also utilized during the harvest season. After dinners there’s workshops and discussion. In connection with these themes, an event tour will also be organized in the autumn of 2021 and 2022.

Fermentation workshop, HarFest 2018

Workshops and events

Dodo organises different kinds of events. More information from the infoletter and Facebook events. What would an event of your dreams be like?

Earlier projects

Urban Food exhibition

The Urban Food exhibition organized by the Helsinki City Museum and Dodo in June-September 2020 was the main event of Dodo’s 25th anniversary year, and there was a separate section for the presentation of Dodo’s activities. The exhibition was a dialogue in which experts from various fields and e.g. Dodo activists answered questions about the future of the food. Kasvattamo – an innovative urban culture and center of activities – opened in the museum’s courtyard.

Haarukanjälki – Forkprint

The Forkprint project dug into the global food system. We searched for sustainable solutions for how to produce, consume and distribute food in the future. During summer 2014, we organised a series of conversations and workshops responding to myths around food: Is there enough for the growing population? Can people afford it? How do poop and pee or insects relate to future global food security? See haarukanjalki.org