Urban planning and Construction

In the urban planning and construction group, we envision a sustainable city and learn to build ecologically. The means of influencing are workshops, exhibitions, visits to destinations and discussions with various actors. Participating in the activity does not require education or a professional background in the field – an interest in sustainable urban development or construction is enough.

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Railway yard vision

Central Pasila is changing significantly: a new residential area, a shopping center, a train station, a busy street and, in the future, tower blocks will also be built on the north side of the locomotive depots. Dodo has been operating in the area of the ​​locomotive depots for a long time, so it wants to be involved in influencing the development of the area. In the vision work, the development of Pasila’s southern railway yard and the old locomotive sheds is conceptualized, especially from the point of view of temporary use. The goal is an area that enables sustainable experiments, promotes urban culture and takes into account the region’s cultural and historical values. The zoning of the area started in 2020 with an interaction in which Dodo was strongly involved.


Mini house project

The mini house project started in the spring of 2016. The purpose of the project is to produce a prototype of a minimal building and test its suitability for different uses at Turntable. The building is partially based on a diploma thesis in architecture. The mini house reached the roof ridge height in the fall of 2017. In 2018, a green roof, a heated clay floor was built in the house, and the design of the interior and lighting began. In the fall of 2018, the first Mini House Fair with bus tours was organized as part of Helsinki Design Week, where you could get to know the mini house sites located in the capital region.

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A mobile greenhouse

Dodo’s mobile greenhouse is like Dodo’s Turntable in portable and miniature size. It offers a temporary space for organizing events and exhibitions, living and peer learning. It can be moved with its own small wheels and with a car trailer. The mobile greenhouse was started to be built at Turntable in the summer of 2019. In 2020, activities such as hydroponics and benches for the public will be added. Welcome aboard! The mobile greenhouse is on display at Helsinki Design Week 2020.

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Dodo’s urban planning and housing group participated in Helsinki’s participatory budgeting, which started in 2018, in two planning groups. The joint portable multipurpose facilities plan (in the picture) was developed together with city employees and at an event organized by Dodo itself. In addition, Dodo participated in the preparation of the Itä-Pasila esplanade plan. The joint portable multi-purpose facilities proposal was again taken to the OmaStadi round that started in 2020, because it was not selected in the previous round, even though it received a lot of votes.

Shared portable hobby facilities 2018

Shared portable hobby facilities 2020

Itä-Pasilan esplanadi 2018

Past or paused projects


Selkäranka is a project started at the beginning of 2014, where big and small urban visions for the Pasila-Kalasatama axis are considered. This future “backbone” of Helsinki will be developed into an urban area of ​​sustainable and creative economy, identity and culture.

Urban reading group

The urban reading group started in the fall of 2015. In the group, we read, discuss and write about urban topics, especially literature related to urban planning.

Climate street

The goal of the joint project is to significantly reduce the energy consumption of the center of Iso Roba and Tikkurila. The means and solutions are created together with entrepreneurs, residents and innovative service providers in the regions. Dodo involved in the project.

Jaakko Lehtonen | @dodo.org 

UN Habitat III – New Urban Agenda

Dodo participates in the preparation of the UN Sustainable Urban Development Action Plan as part of Finland’s national preparatory committee (2015–2016). The goal of the Habitat process is to create a global commitment based on the principles of sustainable development to promote sustainable residential and urban development. In the committee, Dodo promotes ecological and truly inclusive, citizen-oriented urban development. If you want to contribute, let the contact person know.

Alina Raiskila | @dodo.org

Energy group

How to bring renewable energy to the city that is at the same time fun, useful and even daily?
Dodo’s answer is: turning ticket kiosks into energy kiosks.
The group also organizes training related to the construction of renewable energy and is involved in the Climate street -project.
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Janne Käpylehto | @dodo.org

Happy housing cooperatives

Happy cities are made up of happy housing cooperatives. They have gardens, common yards, nice saunas, a good atmosphere and neighbors are welcome. The Happy housing cooperatives -group is looking for ways to make the residents’ wishes heard and to blow the minds of property managers.
Happy housing cooperatives is also one of Sitra New Security -forum experiments.
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Anna Virolainen | 

Read more on onnellisettaloyhtiot.fi -page (archived)


Urban housing fair

Urbaanit Asumimessut is Dodo’s counter strike on Asuntomessut. Dream living does not mean detached houses with big windows. Dream living is high-quality when the square meters are used efficiently, the living is compact, the street is used as a living room and it’s nice to be with the neighbors.

Mia Malin |

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Megapolis Events

An annual city festival organized between 2006 and 2012, which collected the insights of each of the urban annual themes.

More about themes from Megapolis websites

Already in 2001, Dodo’s view of cities and urban planning was compiled in a report What life clings to. Especially worth reading Mihin elämä tarttuu. Erityisesti kannattaa lukea chapter 4. Dodo´s urban vision.