Towards action!

Dodo’s activism-themed activities will continue in 2024 in the form of a new project: Towards Action starts now! This is a two year youth project, which is granted by the European Union. The main idea of Towards Action project is finding the activist in you, environmental and social justice topics and different ways of taking action.

The project is for people of 16-29 years old and the events will take place in Turku, Tampere, Oulu and Helsinki. There will be reading circles and “action weekends”, and aside of these we will organise side activities where you’ll get to reflect your own ways of activism in practice.

This is a two year project and it divides into four main themes: activism, art, direct action and utopias. Each theme will be in the focus for half a year in reading circles and action weekends. 

Action weekends contain workshops, possibilities to learn new and do practical things and discussion — on top of this we will take into account something very important for activism: resting and recovering. This project is continuation for Growing Change-project from 2023!
Participation is for free and Dodo will cover your trips!

Study group is ongoing. The group is full.

Action weekend at Elävän Kulttuurin Koroinen 3.5.-5.5.

Are you interested in activism?
Would you like to learn about environmental and human rights activism and their different approaches? What are my rights and possibilities to act in this World? What is the state of our civic society and what is the direction it is heading to? What could I do? To these questions, amongst others, we together seek the answers for during the Action Weekend.

Sign up (and more info) here!
Facebook event with more detailed info