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Our registration process collects personal information of Dodo members, volunteers, trustees and contact persons of organisations involved in Dodo’s operations. In addition, this process collects personal data of those who have registered for Dodo’s mailing lists and who have participated in Dodo’s events.

Basis and purpose of processing personal data

The purpose of our membership register is to keep registered members up-to-date during membership and to provide information and also to manage the documentation of expired memberships in the personal information system. The processing of members’ personal information is based on Dodo’s legal obligation to maintain a register of members. We maintain our membership register at Membook, a more detailed Privacy Statement can be found here.

The purpose of our volunteer register is to enable communication and coordination of work with volunteers working in our action groups, projects, events, etc. The processing of voluntary personal data is based on consent.

The purpose of our partner register is to enable the contract partners to implement the contract. The processing of the personal data of the contractors is based on the performance of the contract and the other legitimate interests of the potential registrar. The controller’s interest in contractual situations is the control of financial claims and liabilities. We maintain a register of contract partners in Procountor, the more detailed Register Description of which can be found here. For the other partners, the purpose of the register is to allow communication in order to carry out ongoing and planned activities. In this case, the processing of personal data is based on consent.

The purpose of our marketing register is to provide information on Dodo’s operations and other matters related to Dodo’s themes. The processing of personal data is based on consent.

Personal data to be processed

In our marketing register, we only process email addresses. In addition, we collect other contact information from members, volunteers and partners, all billing information from contractors and information about interests in Dodo’s operations from volunteers. We also collect a date of birth from members so that we can report the age distribution of membership to our funders. We can also collect a date of birth from event attendees if the event includes a boat trip, as well as special diet information if there is catering at the event.

Regular sources of information

Personal information is collected from members, registrants themselves and participants themselves through membership application and registration forms, or from sources published by them.

Protection and security of personal data

The personal information of Dodo members is protected and stored in the Membook system and the information of the contract partners in the Procountor system. Access to both is restricted to staff who need that information in order to carry out their duties. Such individuals have access to personal usernames and passwords and the use of personal information is controlled by Dodo’s Board of Directors. Personal information is protected from outside use by firewalls, passwords and other technical means. The server is located in Finland, in a locked and guarded state. We keep the marketing register in Dodo’s own system password protected.

Regular transfers and transfers of personal data

As a general rule, the data will not be disclosed outside Dodo without the express consent of the data subject or an official order. An exception is the possible handing over of the lists of participants if there is an external facilitator / trainer in the event. Members’ personal information is disclosed to the Member Registry Administrator (Membook), who acts as a member information processor. Similarly, the personal data of the contractual partners are handed over to the accounting office (Tiliduunari). Personal information can be transferred to others when the registry service provider is changed to a new system administrator. The controller’s partner performing the technical maintenance and processing of the personal register may transfer personal data in accordance with the applicable privacy legislation and this data protection statement.

Retention period of personal data

The information of members and contract partners will be kept in the register as long as the registered is a Dodo member or contract partner and during the contractual liability period. After the termination of the membership, personal data will be stored for a maximum of ten years from the termination of the membership. The data of the contractor shall be kept for a minimum of three years and a maximum of ten years from the end of the limitation period. The personal data of the participants will be kept for a maximum of ten years after the last participation. Information based on consent shall be retained until the consent is revoked.

Rights of the data subject

The data subject has the right at any time to object to the processing of their personal data for direct marketing purposes. The registrant may grant Dodo channel-specific direct marketing consents and prohibitions. In addition, the data subject is, in principle, entitled at any time in accordance with applicable data protection law

  • to be informed about the processing of their personal data
  • gain access to their own information and verify personal information about themselves processed by Dodo
  • require the correction and supplementation of inaccurate and incorrect personal data
  • require the deletion of their personal data
  • withdraw their consent and object to the processing of their personal data in so far as the processing of personal data is based on the data subject’s consent;
  • object to the processing of their personal data on the basis of their specific personal situation, in so far as the processing of personal data is based on a legitimate interest of Dodo;
  • require restrictions on the processing of their personal data

The data subject must submit a request for the exercise of the above right in accordance with the Contact section of this privacy statement. Dodo may ask the registrant to clarify their request in writing and verify the identity of the registrant before processing the request. Dodo may refuse to comply with the request on the basis of applicable law.


Requests for the exercise of the data subject’s rights, questions about this privacy statement and other contacts should be made by e-mail to: .

Changes to this Privacy Statement

This privacy statement may be updated from time to time, for example as legislation changes. This announcement was last updated 19.7.2018.