Welcome to the urban planning group

Join us to plan and build a sustainable city!

Dodo’s urban planning and design group has diverse activities and includes also building projects. Many of the projects are also related to urban gardening, but urban planning and design group projects are more focused on design and building instead of nurturing plants.

Urban planning and design group volunteers have possibility to

  • participate in the envisioning of the historically valuable Pasila southern rail yard and locomotive stables area
  • design and build tiny houses, greenhouses and learn sustainable building methods
  • organize urban planning and design related events
  • establish a new urban planning and design project

The focus of the Dodo’s urban planning and design group are ecological, social and cultural sustainability, urban gardening and nutrient cycle in cities, human scale and open urban spaces, contributing to urban culture, temporary use of spaces and developing citizens’ participation possibilities. Envisioning is focused on the Southern Pasila rail yard and the old locomotive stables where Dodo has had activities for long time already. Design projects have been for example OmaStadi plans and Dodo’s own building projects such as the Tiny House and Mobile Greenhouse projects.

The urban planning group has earlier envisioned among other things Teollisuuskatu area and Kallio inner yards, arranged urban literature and discussion meetings and urban walks. Part of the living theme were for example the Tiny House Fair, the festival for ecological living: Urbaanit asumismessut and Laituri’s Urban Planning Fairs.

Ongoing projects can be joined anytime and participants can also continue projects that are on hold. New projects can also be started, but it is recommended that they have something in common with the existing projects.

New participants

We are now looking participants especially for the Tiny House and Mobile Greenhouse projects, for the Pasila rail yard vision and a leader for a discussion group. Participating in the existing projects does not require special expertise nor commitment, although if you want to start a new project you are expected to have a long-term commitment towards your project. You can participate anytime.

You can join using the following form: https://goo.gl/forms/BPkfv9g2aFJ2Qglu or by coming directly to an event.

More information about Rail yard vision here: https://ratapihavisio.fi/

More information about Tiny house here: https://ratapihavisio.fi/minitalo/

More info will be provided by the coordinator of the urban planning and living group: Petri Kangassalo,

You can also join Dodo’s urban planning Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1429879900574418/ or the Mobile Greenhouse group: