Support Dodo’s activities by becoming a member. The membership fee is 25 euros and it is paid by the calendar year (only 15 euros for students and those who are unemployed). If you want to support Dodo a bit more, you can also pay the support membership fee 100 euros per year.

You can become a member by paying the fee to Dodo’s account and stating in the message section of the form your full name, address, place of residence and your year of birth, as well as one or more of the following letters

A -membership 15 euros (students and those unemployed)
B -membership 25 euros
C -support memebership 100 euros
D -voluntary donation

Or you can e-mail the information to . Remember to mention in your mail that you are applying for membership and have paid the fee.

Dodo’s account number is OKO 500867-2338.