Ethical Christmas gift

Surprise your friend with an ethical Christmas gift that protects forests and supports sustainable livelihoods in The Gambia! You will receive an electronic card which you can forward to your loved ones.

Dodo’s Tesito project, funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, aims to enhance forest conservation in Gambia, Senegal and Guinea-Bissau through developing an interactive forest map. During the project, the Jiffarong community garden has been restored and 90 women have started a new livelihood as farmers. This is expected to substitute the income from selling firewood and improve the families’’ food security.  Also a tree nursery was established in the community for the restoration of the community forest. The project also cooperates with the forestry officers in Gambia and organizes forest fire prevention training in the communities and schools to reduce the pressure on the forest.

Choose the gift below and send the amount to Dodo’s account FI0815553000101759 (recipient Dodo ry, reference number 13579) and write “Ethical Christmas gift” + your email address in the message field. We will send an electronic card to your email, which you can forward or print to your loved ones!

The funds collected will be used towards Tesito-project’s co-funding contribution in 2024, which is 15% of the annual budget.

Additional training for a farmer in Jiffarong, 10e

As part of the project, 90 women started a new business as vegetable farmers. With the support of an agricultural trainer, they learn the farming methods and skills for their new business. Ten euros can cover three days of additional training for one farmer.

Vegetable seeds for one farmer, 20 e

As part of the project, 90 women started a new business as vegetable farmers. With 20 euros, half a pot of vegetable seeds can be purchased for one farmer.

20 tree seedlings to the Jiffarong tree nursery, 50e

Seedlings from the Jiffarong tree nursery are planted both in the community forest for reforestation and in the garden to improve food security. One seedling costs 2.5 euros, with 50 euros 20 new seedlings can be bought for the nursery.

Fire fighting supplies for one community, 200e

As part of the Tesito project, volunteers from communities are trained by the forestry department to fight and extinguish forest fires. The equipment needed to extinguish a forest fire is also distributed to the communities, for each community the package is worth 200e.

Thank you for choosing an ethical Christmas gift and supporting the project!

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