Fixing workshop

Buy nothing new when you can fix and beautify old!In the fixing workshop on 25th of November from 13 to 16 you can see and try different repair techniques, e.g. for repairing and reusing knitwear, textiles and bicycle inner tubes. Workshop guides: Veera Jussila from Käsityökekkerit, craft activist Niko Lindgren/ Mending Neko (Karjauskaupunki), ceramist and … Read more

Compost preparation in Jiffarong

The first compost in the community garden in Jiffarong is now ready. Composting is a key component of sustainable development. It is a good way to recycle for example food scraps and it is a central part of the operations of organic farming as it offers a natural alternative for chemical fertilizers. In its essence, … Read more


Nitrogen Valley workspace community is organizing a discussion series about nurture as the starting point for social change. Peace and environmental activist Satish Kumar says we are a one-soil community where souls and ecosystems intertwine. The actions we take on ourselves, other people and the soil always cross-affect each other. Therefore, the goal of social, … Read more

Work for earth – gardening course

Are you dreaming of a new career in gardening, are you planning to start your own gardening business, or are you already a gardener, in your dream job, but you need support in coping with your work? The environmental organisation Dodo is organising the Work for Earth gardening course in August-September 2022, where you can … Read more

Forest fire prevention

Written by Lamin Nyabally, Agriculture extension worker of Tesito project Forest fires are the biggest threat for forests the in Lower River Region, particularly Kiang west District, where the Tesito project takes place. Lower river region due to its geographical location is the hot spot for forest fires. Kiang west district is one of the … Read more

New interns of Work for Earth -project!

Hi, we’re Isabella & Milly! We’re very happy to be working with Dodo this summer as interns for the Work for Earth project advocating for better conditions for gardeners and farmers 🌱 I’m Milly (left in the photo), originally from France, I have volunteered and worked in different countries before ending up in Finland almost … Read more

Dodo & FEMMA planning: Urban dreams and dystopias at the locomotive stables

Last spring, FEMMA planning organized a workshop for Dodo activists about the future of the Veturitalli area. The Dodo office and the urban farming center Turntable are located in the locomotive stable area. In the workshop, possible dystopias (horror images) and utopias (dreams) were identified. Through them it is possible to concretize which different development … Read more

Work try-out at Dodo!

At a work try-out in the Work for Earth project, you get to do hands-on gardening and participate in developing the organization. Are you interested in getting to know an environmental NGO from behind the scenes? Join our innovative gang at our urban garden center in Pasila. The three months of work try-out consist during … Read more