Boycott US products!

Please forward this to people who care about our earth!

Boycott US products!

On 29 March the government of President George W. Bush announced that the United States will not ratify the Kyoto Protocol. According to Bush, the economic interests of Americans would suffer if the country carried its share of reducing greenhouse gases.

The world’s consumers have a responsibility to help president Bush consider the issue anew, as well as to help the United States stick to the objectives agreed on at international conventions. By boycotting American products we will decrease the US production and the country’s rapidly growing energy consumption.

President Bush intends to increase the emissions of carbon dioxide in the years ahead by building 1300 new power plants. On request by the coal and oil companies that financed his presidential campaign, Bush is withdrawing the support from well-started projects on energy saving and renewable energy sources.

Bush does not respect the international treaty on climate change, because he considers it to weaken the economic competitiveness of the United States. The US is responsible for almost 25% of the world’s
carbon dioxide emissions while only 5% of the world’s population are

According to president Bush, the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases is not a considerable problem. In a letter to the US senate, Bush declared that carbon dioxide cannot be harmful to the atmosphere as it is not classified as a pollutant. Yet the vast majority of experts on climate change are convinced that the global temperature rises strictly because of emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Even Bush’s own environmental advisors have advised him to cut emissions, but Bush has decided to listen to heads of industry instead.

The short term profit maximizing of the US industry worsens the effects of climate change and in the long run also threatens the US economy. To help Bush understand the true character of his energy politics, all US products should by boycotted by consumers.

The list below includes products and companies that should be boycotted by everybody concerned about the climate change. The boycott should continue until Bush understands the connection between the greenhouse effect and carbon dioxide emissions – and until the US actively starts reducing its emissions. You are fee to add new products to the list. Also notice the license products that bring royalties to the US. Prefer products of your own country, your neighbouring countries and developing countries, who probably suffer the most from the climate change – and please forward this message to others.

Electronics, computers: Motorola, AMD, Intel, Macintosh, Microsoft,
Oracle, Sun Microsystems, General Electric
Food & Drinks: Sunmaid, Chiquita, DelMonte, Cocacola Co., Pepsico, Mars Co.(Snickers etc.), Rainbow-products, Kellogg’s, Paul Masson, Ernst&Julio Gallo wines, Southern Comfort, Jack Daniels, Budweiser
Restaurants: Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell,
Burger King
Clothes: Nike, Gant, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Levi Strauss, DuPont
(e.g. lycra, Gore-Tex)
Hobbies, culture, entertainment: Academic Press, almost any record label and movie company, thx -sound systems in movies, Disney, Kodak, Philip Morris,
Playboy, Hustler, Penthouse, Time, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, Herald
Tribune, USA Today, National Geographic, Interview
Cars, aeroplanes & fuel: Chrysler, Ford, Exxon, Boeing, McDonnell-Douglas
Cosmetics: Procter&Gamble, Redken, Sebastian, Revlon, Maybelline,
Blistex, Matrix, Freeman, Advanced Research Laboratories, Joe Blasco, Max Factor, Clinique, Estee Lauder
Guns: Smith&Wesson, Colt, Remington, Winchester