Environmental Discussion

Dodo’s Environmental Discussion group meets every second Thursday at Dodo’s office (Vironkatu 5, Kruununhaka) at 6 pm (18:00). For each time we read two chapters of State of the World 2004 book which are presented by members of the group.

Click title of each chapter to see a brief description of it (by worldwatch.org).

29 Jan 2004 at 6 pm: First meeting
General discussion and planning programme for the spring.

19 Feb 2004 at 7 pm: Chapter 1
Chapter 1: The State of Consumption Today (presented by Mari)

4 Mar 2004 at 6 pm: Chapters 6 and 7
Chapter 6: Purchasing for People and the Planet (Maria)
Chapter 7: Linking Globalization, Consumption, and Governance (Yan Peng)

18 Mar 2004 at 6 pm: Chapters 2 and 4
Chapter 2: Making Better Energy Choices (David)
Chapter 4: Watching What We Eat (Nina)

1 Apr 2004 at 6 pm: Social Evening
Social evening with no chapters to read; more details later

15 Apr 2004 at 6 pm: Chapters 3 and 8
Chapter 3: Boosting Water Productivity (Kaj)
Chapter 8: Rethinking the Good Life (Tanya)

29 Apr 2004 at 6 pm: Chapter 5 and the Extra Chapter
Chapter 5: Moving Toward a Less Consumptive Economy (Ilmari)
Extra Chapter: State of Consumption in Finland (Niko)
Extra chapter is only available in the Finnish edition of the book

13 May 2004 at 6 pm: Concluding meeting
Final meeting of the group, no chapters to read

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