Dodo discusses environmental issues openly and brings together people from different fields to look for comprehensive views.

Diversity in nature and in the organisation

Dodo is a flexible and pluralistic organisation. Members have varied backgrounds, and that is a source of strength when different experts, lay people and enthusiastic young people combine their knowledge.

Discussion broadens views and leads to action. Many significant projects have their origins in ideas and visions discussed in the groups. The wind power company Lumituuli Ltd, Manombo Rain Forest Conservation Project and Dodona Combo Discussion Forum Project are all offsprings of Dodo.

The original Dodo has already been eaten

The dodo bird, the organisation’s namesake, disappeared from Earth long since. It is one of the first species known to have become extinct because of man.

Where there’s hope, there’s life

Changing the world starts from little changes in your own way of thinking. Pluck up your courage and join Dodo. A natural future is a living one.