PikseliÄHKY 2005

Mikä maailmaa uhkaä Miten maailma pelastetaan? Mitä sinä voit tehdä maailman pelastamiseksi?

Ympäristöasiat eivät kuulu yhteiskunnan marginaaliin, ne eivät kosketa vain virkamiehiä, poliitikkoja ja kansalaisjärjestöjä. Jokainen meistä joutuu jatkuvasti tilanteisiin, joissa omalla toiminnallaan voi vaikuttaa ympäristön tilaan.

Yleisöltä saaduista ympäristöaiheisista teksteistä Dodo teki Ympäristöargumentaatio-teoksen (flash-animaatio) jolla osallistuimme PikseliÄhky-tapahtumaan, elektronisen taiteen festivaaliin www.pixelache.ac.

Lisätietoa: Hanna Lönngren

Happy Family

Dodon PikseliÄhky-teoksen englanninkielinen esittely:

Visual Environmental Argumentation

Many important environmental decisions are made at home or work by each and every one of us, every day: Do I buy Finnish dairy cream or Indonesian coconut milk? Is it better for the environment of Helsinki if I ride a bike or take a tram? Should I move to the country and heat my house with firewood? These decisions are not always obvious and the options straightforward, which often leaves people feeling isolated and frustrated.

Dodo’s flash animation shows how the world looks from an environmentalist point of view. Ideas were collected from visitors to thewww.dodo.org website. The animation compiles a story called ”Happy Family” with three alternative storylines.

Alternative 1. A Catastrophic Vision
The greed and short-sightedness of people’s actions cause enormous environmental catastrophes and eventually the destruction of all life. People are misled by their ideology of efficiency and ignore the needs of future generations and other living organisms. Indifference to the common good is rife and people’s lives are filled with anxiety and hurry. Material possessions are the only acceptable measure of happiness and well-being. Wars over rapidly declining resources are fought all over the world.

Alternative 2: A Happy End Vision
People’s awareness of the destructive nature of their lifestyle increases significantly all over the First World. The need to change thedirection of development towards a more ecologically and socially sustainable model becomes a widely accepted notion. There’s a rise in environmentally friendly trends and many destructive habits, such as driving, become unfashionable. A new sense of community is born. Sharing and caring become important guiding principles in people’s lives.

Alternative 3: A Totally Far Out Vision
Mind rises above matter. Hate becomes love. Love turns into hate. Hate and love embrace. Instead of striving towards more and morematerial possessions, people aspire to gain spiritual tranquillity, through both construction and destruction. Let’s all kill for life andfight for peace.