Forest fire prevention

Written by Lamin Nyabally, Agriculture extension worker of Tesito project. Forest fires are the biggest threat for forests the in Lower River Region, particularly Kiang west District, where the Tesito project takes place. Lower river region due to its geographical location is the hot spot for forest fires. Kiang west district is one of the … Read more

Identification and selection of beneficiaries

In this post, FFHC project manager Pateh explains how the beneficiaries of the project were chosen When launching a new project, one of the first things to do is to identify project beneficiaries. It is important to include community members in this procedure also to avoid possible conflicts, and also to make sure the community … Read more

Community sensitization

In this post, FFHC project manager Pateh Baldeh explains what happens in the beginning of the project, before the actual project activities start. Jiffarong, located in the buffer zone of Kiang West National Park, is the target community of the Tesito project. Although some of the activities, such as forest monitoring, are nation-wide, livelihood activities … Read more