Dodo & FEMMA planning: Urban dreams and dystopias at the locomotive stables

Last spring, FEMMA planning organized a workshop for Dodo activists about the future of the Veturitalli area. The Dodo office and the urban farming center Turntable are located in the locomotive stable area. In the workshop, possible dystopias (horror images) and utopias (dreams) were identified. Through them it is possible to concretize which different development processes are possible, how development in a bad direction can be prevented, and good trends can be promoted.

Based on the workshop, two versions of the fictional Veturitallien Sanomat magazine covers were made for 2040. On the cover of Veturitalien Sanomat Urban Dystopia edition, you can read headlines about the privatization of the area, the loss of activism and the rise of racism. The Urban Dreams edition, on the other hand, shines with multiplied pollinator populations, living urban culture, energy self-sufficiency and solidarity.

The next step is, how can we work with Dodo to make these dreams come true? For example, in Dodo’s Railyard Vision, we influence the planning process of the area, and everyone is welcome to participate.

Many thanks to FEMMA for the rewarding and inspiring workshop!

Graphic design: Kristian Autio