New interns of Work for Earth -project!

Hi, we’re Isabella & Milly! We’re very happy to be working with Dodo this summer as interns for the Work for Earth project advocating for better conditions for gardeners and farmers 🌱

I’m Milly (left in the photo), originally from France, I have volunteered and worked in different countries before ending up in Finland almost two years ago to volunteer in the renewable energy sector. I am always happiest spending time outdoors either hiking, camping or sailing; and working with my hands through gardening, wood-working and general DIY. After completing an entrepreneurship course over the spring, I am now working towards gaining the knowledge and experience I need to start my own gardening business. I am looking forward to learning more about urban gardening, event planning and leading workshops during my time with Dodo. I hope to see you soon in the many upcoming Dodo events!

I’m Isabella, a Nordi Latina, and have been in Finland a bit less than half of my life. My background is in molecular/cellular biology and infectious disease control- most recently I was working as a research scientist investigating the use of insects for food and feed. I enjoy wondering about how things come to be the way they are in our environment, but doing this in an investigative laboratory setting was not where I belong. I’m keen to shift towards a more active role, to work on and create positive environmental changes with the many incredibly interesting and knowledgeable people I’ve already met (and will be meeting!) through Dodo and Work for Earth. Looking forward to the interesting projects, workshops and events we have coming up! Hope to see you there.