You can participate…

– in Dodo’s core activities by helping to plan and realize the organisation’s Finnish and international projects, or by helping with various practical aspects of our work. Send your contact information by e-mail to info [at], and we will contact you. Remember to mention in the mail that you’re interested in paricipating in Dodo’s activities.

– in single projects in different parts of the country.

– in discussion groups, where you can have meaningful interaction as well as develop your skills in conveying and understanding different viewpoints. In Helsinki, there is an English-speaking Environmental Discussion group but also some other groups may change their language into English if non-Finnish speakers are participating.

– in parties, trips and other recreational activities. Dodo also arranges meetings with various themes and members from all over the country.

by becoming a member – or you can always donate any sum for a good cause. As Dodo’s member you get the Drontti magazine to your home and support Dodo’s well-being.


Dodo-lista is the organisation’s active mailing list. Information about coming events is circulated on the list. Messages are mostly in Finnish.

You can join to the list by asking list manager at . Send mail to the same address to unsubscribe the list or to ask about other lists available by Dodo.